Jul 10, 2024

Sergio Sicairos, Founding Account Executive

Welcome to Pylon Sergio!

Sergio Sicairos

✨ Founding Account Executive ✨

We're very excited for Sergio to be joining Pylon as a founding account executive after spending time selling at Guidde, Envoy, and Shippo!

Why did you join Pylon?

There are many things that excite a person about potentially joining a company: great pay and benefits, cool perks, even a beer keg. While these are typically bonuses for me, they are not the driving factors. After meeting Marty, Robert, and Advith, I knew this was not a typical group of people. They’ve created something special with a real challenge ahead. This might deter some people, but it captivated me. I also believe they’ve achieved so much in such a short time by working together in person. This approach, which is underutilized right now, massively motivates me.

What do you like to do outside of work?

When I’m not working I have a few things that take up my time. I’m running (not sure if I enjoy that exactly) most days during the week and/or playing badminton (brings extreme joy). Although I haven’t been doing a ton of it lately, I’m really into golf as well.If I’m not moving around, I’m trying to find the best music on Soundcloud since I’ve been DJing for many years. On the other side, I’m really into movies and love trying to find weird uncommon movies to add to my library.

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