Jul 1, 2024

Wendy Vang, Founding Designer

Welcome to Pylon Wendy!

Wendy Vang

✨ Founding Designer ✨

We're very excited for Wendy to be joining Pylon as a founding designer after spending over 8 years at Amplitude.

Wendy will be helping us elevate the quality of our product while continuing to ship fast 🚀

Why did you join Pylon?

Pylon met three crucial requirements that I struggled to find in other startups, which were:

  • Fully onsite workplace -- I’m happiest when I can collaborate and connect with my coworkers in person. Simple activities, like having lunch with my peers, make the workday much more energizing for me.

  • Nice people who want to win -- I met the entire team in-person during the interview process, and they showed genuine care for each other and for me. There were also several people in my network who spoke highly of the team’s merit and the quality/potential of the product.

  • Strong growth trajectory -- there was clear financial evidence that Pylon was growing strongly and consistently.

Wendy's Day 1

What do you like to do outside of work?

I grew up playing games like Smash Brothers, Marvel vs Capcom, and Yu-Gi-Oh, which fostered my love for all healthy, competitive activities. I also spent my summers camping in the woods as a kid, so my favorite weeks are those that balance both indoor and outdoor activities.

  • Indoors: video games, board games, Magic the Gathering, baking, weight lifting

  • Outdoors: camping, hiking, park picnics, cycling, rock climbing, most sports

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