May 9, 2024

Bennett Amodio, Founding Engineer

Welcome to Pylon Bennett!

Bennett Amodio

✨ Founding Engineer ✨

We're very excited for Bennett to be joining Pylon as a founding engineer after spending several years at each of Luminary and Pure Storage.

Bennett will be helping us ship more features faster across the board, but especially will be owning a lot of Pylon's ✨ AI features!

Why did you join Pylon?

I adore the special kind of chaos inherent to a small team building something from the ground up.  But beyond that, two things really ignited my fervor about Pylon.  First, it’s no secret that customer-obsessed companies are the most fun to work at.  Not only is the Pylon team customer-obsessed, our product helps other companies be more obsessed with their customers!  The second reason is equally simple.  Everyone you talk to (customer, investor, team member) will tell you – Pylon’s team ships product at a pace that defies imagination.  I am so excited to join Pylon’s intrepid team of builders and ship, ship, ship!

Bennett's Day 1

What would you be doing if not tech?

I have rather eclectic interests, so I do consider this on occasion.  At times, I pondered trying to pursue law, or geology.  But recently I’ve been thinking, maybe I would open a ramen shop with my dear friend Justin Xiao.  I love cooking, and Justin is my hero, so win-win!  Or, perhaps, I would get involved in local politics in some capacity.  As a commuter myself, I have some pretty strong opinions about how communities should be built (hint hint, for people, not cars).

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