Jun 3, 2024

David Yang, Founding Engineer

Welcome to Pylon David!

David Yang

✨ Founding Engineer ✨

We're very excited for David to be joining Pylon as a founding engineer after spending several years at each of Airbnb and Mage.

David will be helping us ship a bunch of new features and products at Pylon 👀

Why did you join Pylon?

After learning about Pylon and exploring the product, I was genuinely impressed by the progress the team had made in such a short time. I was also drawn to the strong engineering team and the passion of the co-founders. After visiting the office a couple of times, I witnessed the great culture firsthand and knew I wanted to be part of it.

On top of that, I initially heard about Pylon through Jesse, whom I've known since middle school. Our friends from back home have talked about potentially starting a company together. While joining Pylon isn't exactly that, it's the next best thing.

David's Day 1

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I’m a big fan of all things basketball. During the past couple of weeks while I was between jobs, I spent a lot of time shooting around at the park, watching the NBA playoffs, and consuming basketball content online. I’m a Celtics fan, so I’ve been really invested in the playoffs and I’m hoping they can win the championship this year. I’m also going to try to beat the high score for the mini hoop machine in the office.

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