Nov 21, 2023

How OneSchema Scales Slack and Microsoft Teams Support


OneSchema helps companies import CSV data 10x faster using their pre-built CSV importer that any company can plug into their product. They've been growing rapidly and recently raised a new round of funding led by General Catalyst.

Four team members including one of the founders is responsible for handling customer engagement that happens primarily over Slack Connect and Microsoft Teams.


OneSchema runs all of it's sales, support, and customer success over Slack Connect, Microsoft Teams, and sometimes Email.

Their customers love the hightouch experience of getting a shared Slack or Teams channel with them, but as OneSchema began to grow they started facing challenges supporting the increasing volume of requests.

Specifically they ran into challenges around:

  1. Sending product updates. Everytime they wanted to send new updates to customers they had to go into every channel and post the same message over and over.

  2. No unification across their Slack Connect, Microsoft Teams, and Email requests. Issues were all over the place and messages were getting dropped.

  3. Lack of the basic support tooling. They had no way to assign issues or get alerts for issues that had passed an SLA.

  4. No metrics. They didn’t know how many issues were being created, who was answering them, first response times, resolution times.

  5. Activity not syncing to Salesforce. They wanted to setup up RevOps workflows but they could not as their data was not syncing into Salesforce.

OneSchema was able to solve all of these problems thanks to the help of Pylon.


OneSchema's support team now operates completely out of Pylon where they can see a consolidated view of all of their customer issues.

They get complete unification across their Slack Connect, Microsoft Teams, and Email messages.

For those messages they can now leverage support system functionality including features they were already looking for like assignment, but also new features they now love like seeing live Salesforce plan data while responding to issues, tagging customer reuqests, and exporting issues data.

They now have complete metrics on issue volume, response and resolution time.

They can broadcast product updates to hundreds of channels at a time, segment channels they send them to based off of Salesforce fields like "Customer" vs "Prospect" or "Tier 1" vs "Tier 2".  

And finally they're finally able to run RevOps workflows off the synced activity data Pylon automatically syncs to Salesforce. Now they can setup alerts like:

  • No activity in 3 days for any prospect in a POC

  • Customers they haven't engaged with in 1 month

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