Nov 16, 2023

Product Launch: Community Support

Easily handle support from your Slack community

A lot of B2B products benefit from bring together their users and customers into a single community to help them collectively get value from the product in public. In the community, users can discover new ways to use the product from other users, and receive help directly from the vendor’s team.

Clay is a company that does a great job of fostering their community. They have an easily accessible Slack community that users can join straight from their marketing page or from inside their app.

Inside their community they have channels like #help and #bugs where users can ask questions and get help from the Clay team.

With Pylon’s Community product, B2B companies with communities can support their users while keeping a lean team.

⭐ Unify customer conversations and support across your community, dedicated Slack/Teams channels, in-app chat and email in a single place

✅ Automated tracking on open issues from your community

👀 Prioritize questions based on who is asking them - see enriched information on whether a user from an important account is asking a question with a bidirectional integration with your CRM

✨ Rich data, prefilled using AI. Auto tag issues as bugs or feature requests and which product area they are related to.

📊 Analytics on time to response, issue volume, and more

If you’re looking for a way to consolidate your support across customer conversations in your Slack community, 1:1 dedicated Slack channels, Microsoft Teams, In-App Chat, and Email, book a demo of Pylon here:

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