Dec 3, 2023

Product Launch: Conversational Ticketing

Automagically track, manage, and resolve your customer requests from Slack and Teams

Delivering customer value is at the core of every business, yet customer facing teams don't have tools to help them track, manage, and resolve customer requests. With more and more teams talking to their customers conversationally in shared Slack channels, Microsoft Teams, and Discord, these conversations are impossible to stay on top of.

We're launching our Conversational Ticketing product today to help with exactly that. Pylon's AI will automatically bundle together conversations about a single issue, regardless of whether they are threaded or not, and make trackable work items. Receive a feed of bundled customer issues straight in Slack to triage without having to hop between your 10s or 100s of customer channels trying to make sure you don't miss a message. As you respond to customers and resolve issues, Pylon will automatically mark issues as In Progress, Waiting for Customer, or Done 🤯

  • View bundled conversations from your Slack and Microsoft Teams customer channels in a single place in Slack

  • Set SLAs to make sure you respond to all customer requests, prioritize based on attributes from your CRM (ex. all your Tier-1 customers)

  • Quickly file and stay updated on the status of related support and product tickets in whatever tools you already use (and leverage Pylon's Support Product Suite)

  • View analytics on how fast you are getting back to customers and resolving their issues

  • Have internal conversations about customer requests, loop in stakeholders from different teams

  • Track long running issues and any context from internal conversations in Pylon's Kanban Board

  • When issues get resolved or feature requests are completed, Pylon will help you close the loop with your customer

“I look at the Pylon feed first thing when I wake up in the morning and last thing before I go to bed at night. Pylon is a large part of our ability to deliver a great customer experience.”
- Sagar Batchu, CEO at Speakeasy

Teams of all sizes use Pylon to stay on top of customer requests. Use this and the rest of Pylon's features like Broadcasts to manage and engage customers in Slack effortlessly and drive better retention, more upsells, and a differentiated customer experience.

Reach out to book a demo with our team and see how Pylon's Conversational Ticketing can help.

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