Feb 27, 2024

Product Launch: Data Warehouse Sync

Sync customer interaction data directly to your warehouse

More and more teams of all sizes are running their analytics, BI, and custom data workflows off their data warehouse. Typically, this starts by using a tool like Fivetran to ETL data out of their business systems and into their warehouse. If the tool you’re using doesn’t have an out-of-the-box connector, you’d previously need engineering resources to call and stitch together APIs.

With our Data Warehouse sync, we’re hoping to enable post sales teams to skip several steps and get their customer interaction data into their warehouse with a few easy clicks.

Use it to:

📊 Build visualizations that combine your CRM, product, and customer interaction data

💚 Create home-grown customer health scores

🧪 Experiment with other custom workflows

Input your warehouse credentials and get started!

Book a demo with Pylon to streamline your post sales process and unify tracking of customer issues across the different places you talk with your customers including Slack, Microsoft Teams, In-App, Email, and Community: https://cal.com/pylon/demo.

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