Sep 27, 2023

Product Launch: In-App Chat

Consolidate your customer conversations with Pylon's In-App Chat

As a vendor, it’s your job to help your customer get value out of your product quickly. That means answering their questions with as little friction for them as possible. When they are doing their day-to-day work, that means in Slack and Microsoft teams. When they are using your product, that means in-app.

Our job at Pylon is to help make it easy and efficient for you to serve your customer where they live. That’s why today we’re launching Pylon’s In-App Chat.

You’re probably already familiar with in-app chat - that small bubble that comes to the rescue when your customer’s need help. What makes Pylon’s different?

1. Native rich-text, code blocks, emojis, and reactions inside the chat 🤯

Using in-app chat should feel fun, delightful, and personal for your customer.  Users with technical questions shouldn’t be frustrated by the interface they have to ask them through.

2. Consolidated customer conversations in one place 🎯

View conversations from Slack, Microsoft Teams, and in-app chat in one place. Triage them, assign them, and view analytics on them. Use Pylon’s AI features across all of them to automatically tag them with a categories, set SLAs on response times, and more.

3. Slack-native 🚀

Teams with lower support volume shouldn’t need to keep checking another interface to see if anyone’s asked a question through in-app chat. With Pylon’s in-app chat, we’ll bidirectionally sync message from in-app chat to Slack, so you can get your users and customers a response quickly right from the place you work.

4. Visibility for all stakeholders 👀

Issues in B2B apps often benefit from visibility for your whole customer’s team. This lets you demonstrate the work you are doing as the vendor, and often your customer can resolve the issue internally.

With Pylon’s in-app chat, issues are optionally visible to your customer’s entire team. If they have a shared Slack channel with you, the issue can be posted there so the entire team has hop in to help.

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Modern tools call for modern experiences. If you talk to your customers in Slack and want an all-in-one post sales system to manage customer support and success across Slack, Microsoft Teams, and In-App Chat book a demo of Pylon here:

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