May 7, 2024

Product Launch: Knowledge Base

A dedicated place to host product content

A dedicated place for your team to host support content - question and answer style articles for customers, internal runbooks, and more.

🎨 Customizable design with custom headers, footers, and more

🤌 A notion-like collaborative editor for a easy editing experience with rich text, callouts, embedded videos and more

🔒 Host public articles, hidden articles accessible just via link, internal articles, and even add internal notes on public articles

✏️ Allow customers to open up and view their support tickets along side all of your knowledge base content

🔍 Unified search across your product knowledge for both your team internally and customers

✨ Deflection of customer questions across Slack, Teams, Email, Chat, and Community

Book a demo with Pylon for a modern support system to streamline your post sales process and unify tracking and solving of customer issues across the different places you talk with your customers including Slack, Microsoft Teams, In-App, Email, and Community:

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