Nov 29, 2023

Product Launch: Product Ticketing

File product tickets in Jira, Linear, Asana, or GitHub directly from Pylon!

Long running customer issues often require engineering work to be completed before they can be solved. Pylon is introducing a new On-Hold state and tight integrations with Linear, Jira, Asana, and GitHub to power automated workflows for your post-sales team.

🎫 Easily open up pre-filled engineering issues from within Pylon or Slack that get auto tied to the the customer issue.

🚚 Customer issue moves automatically to our new On-Hold state

🔄 Receive live updates on the engineering issue from straight on the customer issue in Pylon

🔔 When the engineering issue is completed, receive an update in Pylon to close the loop with the customer.

🗒️ Surface details about the Pylon issue directly to your engineering team

Book a demo with Pylon to streamline your post sales process and unify tracking of customer issues across the different places you talk with your customers including Slack, Microsoft Teams, In-App, Email, and Community:

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