Sep 10, 2023

Product Launch: Pylon x Attio Integration

Connect Pylon and Attio natively for the perfect sales + post-sales stack

We’re very excited to announce our partnership with Attio and the release of our native Pylon x Attio integration 🚀

Pylon and Attio and are two sides of the same coin, so it only made sense that we made it official. With Attio, you can build the exact CRM your business needs to run your sales process and bring in and track new leads and prospects. With Pylon, you can scalably meet your customers where they work in places like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Discord and have a centralized place to track and respond to customer requests.

With the two of the them tightly connected, you’ll have the perfect tools to crush your sales goals and efficiently serve, retain, and upsell your existing customers.

With Pylon’s new native Attio integration, Attio users who talk to their customers over Slack can:

  • Prioritize support issues and customer questions in Pylon based on custom attributes in Attio. Want to set an internal SLA to respond to Tier 1 customers within an hour? Easy.

  • Send Pylon broadcasts based on custom attributes in Attio. Tag your customers in Attio with which products they use and use Pylon to send upsell campaigns and relevant feature launches.

  • Automatically sync summarized activity in customer channels to Attio. Don’t force your Sales team to manually log Slack conversations to your CRM - Pylon will do that for you automatically.

  • Automatically sync new stakeholders who join your customer channels to the right companies in Attio. Attio will then enrich these profiles giving you full visibility into your contacts at each company.

Prioritize customer conversations based on Attio attributes, for example accounts tagged as "Customer"

View summarized customer activity as notes in Attio

If you use Attio as your CRM and talk to your customers on Slack book a time with the Pylon team to learn more:!

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