Nov 25, 2023

Product Launch: Slack-Teams Bridge

Talk to your customers who use Microsoft Teams while continuing to live in Slack

Companies who meet their customers where they work greatly reduce friction and latency in the selling process, help their customers onboard and get to value faster, and deliver a differentiated experience compared to their competitors. Sales cycles are 4x faster when collaborating with customers in Slack or Teams vs. email. If you’re selling to enterprises or companies outside the tech industry, that often means joining your customers on Microsoft Teams.

If your company runs on Slack this might seem like a non-starter to you. You might consider forcing your customer to use Slack or just resorting email, slowing down your sales and onboarding process dramatically and giving typically your largest and most important customers a degraded experience. As the vendor, it's your job to meet your buyer where they are and help deliver them value quickly. The benefits of joining your customer on Teams are obvious, but do you want your team have to visit and regularly check messages in another chat tool? Keep scrolling to see a demo below and learn how this can still work for you.

“With Pylon, our success and solutions team doesn’t need to keep switching between Slack and Microsoft Teams to track down and respond to messages from customers. We can work out of Pylon’s single triage queue in Slack - messages from across our shared Slack channels and Teams channels appear in a single place in Slack. Our team saves hours every week and we can continue to support our customers where they work without sacrificing our efficiency.”

Andrew Luo, CTO at OneSchema


Companies that prioritize great customer experience and keeping their sales cycles tight like OneSchema are leading the pack with this leap - creating a Teams instance and inviting their customers into channels there.

Their customers appreciate not having to adopt a new platform and get value from their product many times faster than onboarding over email. For the OneSchema team though, this meant checking both Slack and Teams regularly to stay on top of customer requests. With Pylon’s new Slack-Teams Bridge, Andrew and his sales, customer success, and solutions engineering team can view and respond to Teams messages straight from Slack. Even better, their triage channel and Kanban board of customer requests now work seamlessly across their customers in both Slack and Microsoft Teams.

With Pylon’s Slack-Teams Bridge, OneSchema’s customer-facing teams can serve their customers who live in Teams without ever leaving Slack 🤯.

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