Jan 4, 2024

Product Launch: Teams & Assignments

Assign issues to teams and create assignment rules

Whether you’ve got a rotating engineering oncall that’s in charge of solving customer issues in your shared Slack channels, or a dedicated global support team monitoring different channels, Pylon can help you make sure issues get assigned to the proper owner.

Create different teams for departments in your org and views and workflows to go with them:

  • Give your PM team a view of customer issues AI tagged with feature request

  • Give your engineering oncall rotation a way to see open issues from the last week they were assigned to

  • Auto assign issues to your EMEA team during Europe business hours

Featuring the ability to assign based on recurring schedules with an amazing calendar to set your global hours 📅 or round robin

Book a demo with Pylon to streamline your post sales process and unify tracking of customer issues across the different places you talk with your customers including Slack, Microsoft Teams, In-App, Email, and Community: https://cal.com/pylon/demo?duration=30.

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