Mar 12, 2024

Product Launch: Ticket Forms

Receive structured data and run automated workflows!

Give customers' a public form to submit structure support inquiries of different types, embed the forms into your webpages, or allow customers to file tickets from within your Customer Portal!

With forms:

🔗 Give customers a public link to submit structured support inquires

🪟 Allow customers to pick from different form types and submit issues from inside Pylon's Customer Portal

⚙️ Run automated workflows on form responses, alongside with email, Slack, Microsoft teams, and in-app interactions!

Design your form in Pylon's form builder, add validation rules, and setup automated workflows.

Book a demo with Pylon to streamline your post sales process and unify tracking of customer issues across the different places you talk with your customers including Slack, Microsoft Teams, In-App, Email, and Community:

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