Oct 2, 2023

Product Launch: Slack Activity Sync

Automagically sync conversations in customer Slack channels as activity to Salesforce

Over the last few years, there’s been a huge shift in the way sellers engage with prospects. While cold outbound is still done over email, the best reps get their prospects into a shared Slack channel as quickly as possible. This gives them access to their prospects in the place where they work and allows both sides to easily loop in stakeholders. Deal cycles speed up by 4x, customers get to value much faster, and retain much better post-sales.

Typical ways Revops and Customer Success leaders track their team's activity no longer work. Outreach logs email activity to Salesforce and Gong and Zoom log video calls, but Slack activity is lost in the void. The highest engagement channel is a data silo 🤯

We are launching our new Slack → Salesforce activity sync to help bridge the data gap for revenue teams in the new place they are interacting with their customers.

“All that data was locked up in Slack ... there was no way for me to run a report on it. Right now our visibility is zero. Automatically logging engagement from Slack to Salesforce is HUGE win. We have a living pulse for what's going on with customers now with Pylon.”
Nav Singh,
Head of Revenue Operations at Semgrep

🔮 This all happens automagically - Pylon’s AI systems detect and summarize conversations that happen in customer channels and sync them to Salesforce as a custom activity type, associating them with the right account and rep and tagging them with other relevant information, like whether the conversation was initiated by a customer or a team member. Pylon will include a link back to the conversation and list conversation participants as well.

We believe this will help leaders justify the work their sales and CSM teams are doing in the invisible realm of Slack and drive better customer outcomes.


  • Understand rep performance

  • Coach teams based on positive outcomes from a specific teammate's behaviors

  • Pick up context when teammates are out of office

  • Get visibility into deal and upsell progression.


  • Funnel into customer health score

  • Roll up into activity calculations

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